15 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Website in 2020

Social media

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are one of the best for begineers to generate free traffic to your website.

During the second quarter of 2020, Facebook reported almost 1.79 billion daily active users (DAU). Overall, daily active users accounted for 66 percent of monthly active users. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide.

In facebook , there are lots of groups are available where you can share your post. In Facebook groups thousands of people are there.

Steps to drive traffic to website are-

1.Create your own Faceook page of your particular niche

2.Join number of groups related to your niche.

For Example:

If your blog is about digital marketing, then search for digital marketing groups in search box and then click enter.

Here You will find Number of groups relates to your search query.

You can join that groups so that you can share your post to get free traffic from people present in groups.

Now, one question comes in your mind that does we need to share same blog post on your facebook page?  does we need to write entire post once again? do , dont worry . We have Number of plugins available.

The plugins that i recommend to autopost from blog to facebook page are

  1. Jetpack by WordPress
  2.  Blog2social

The above plugins are best as both free and premium versions are available. The basic difference between these two plugins is that Jetpack plugin autopost your post immediately after you publish your post in to your website whereas in Blog2social plugin you can post your blog to your facebook page whenever you want and you can also schedule a time for your post when to post on your facebook page.


It is a platform which help you to pin or bookmark your ideas  across the internet. You can create an gallery or album of your favourite things When a user saves a visual (image or video) to their Pinterest account, it becomes a Pin.

Pinterest reported almost 416 million monthly  active users  worldwide.You have to adding pins


Other souces are also perfect you can try it also bit i am trying above methods








Guest posting

Organic traffic

Paid traffic

display traffic



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